(Written in the third person because … you know)….

Daniel Rosehill (BCL, MA) is an experienced marketing communications (MarCom) practitioner who has managed and led marketing communications at three fast-growing technology startups.

Daniel’s diverse background also includes a degree in journalism, a tenure at a PR firm, and periods working as an accredited freelance journalist and writer.

Besides marketing, Daniel is very interested in technology (especially backups and open source) and has contributed writing to Linux Magazine, Marketing Profs, Entrepreneur, Medium (where he maintains an active blog), The Next Tech, among other generalist and trade publications.

He has also been interviewed by podcasts, radio outlets, and television stations and provided comment on marketing topics to publications including CMS Wire. Daniel is an advocate for remote work and asynchronous communications.

In addition to his in-house experience, Daniel has provided marketing communications support to a diverse pool of clients, marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs based throughout the world. These have ranged from publicly-listed FinTech companies to cybersecurity startups. His specialty is helping companies to roll out integrated thought leadership and public relations campaigns.

When he’s not busy protecting his cloud data from almost impossibly unlikely catastrophic data loss scenarios (or working), he can be found enjoying beer, engaging in creative pursuits, and recording the odd video for his extremely limited YouTube following.

Daniel was named as one of the Top Cybersecurity Writers To Watch (Cybercrime Magazine) and listed among the 50 B2B Writers To Hire (SoftwareWorld.co). So now you know that he’s totally legit.