Rosehill Marcom Consulting, founded by Daniel Rosehill, specializes in providing full-service marketing communications (marcom) consulting—encompassing both strategy planning and execution—and works primarily with clients in the technology sector.

Pricing is by retainer (only); the minimum contract period is one month (although one to two business quarters is strongly suggested because inbound marketing takes a while to begin showing results); and quotes are provided after an initial consultation process (only).

The sole proprietor of the business is a sometimes-grumpy at other times highly creative marketing communications specialist who burned out writing white papers but now helps businesses tackle bigger marketing problems (which is sort of where he started, at least after a stint in journalism). He’s also a veteran Linux user who’s been published in Linux Magazine, Entrepreneur, and named as one of Cybercrime Magazine’s top cybersecurity writers. He understands and appreciates technology.

Daniel also prefers email to WhatsApp (or any other async-friendly channel). Enjoys crafting clever strategies that lay the ground for truly impactful execution. And for some inexplicable reason is copywriting this page in the third person.

This website will explain why it’s worth your time—and money—to invest in well-executed marketing communications. Daniel believes that he might be able to bring value to your team—the kind of value he’s delivered to startups now communicating and trading globally. He believes in doing MarCom well. Which is why he’s put together this brochure site.

Still interested?

This website mightn’t be in line to win any design awards.

But it’s intended to provide an overview for the kind of work RMC specializes in delivering to client. For the writing site—which took a lot longer to build—click here. Hopefully this page will answer the basic questions. And then you can use a homing pidgeon—the async channel of the old-timers—to send over an NDA and contract.

Jump Ahead To The Juicy Bits

What Is Marketing Communications Consulting (MarCom)?

Marketing communications is a discipline within marketing that focuses on devising and creating communications that are intended to serve the marketing objectives of the firm.

MarCom professionals can do a lot to give your business the marketing oomph it needs to get off the ground and get your story told and out into the world where it can reach those who it could help.

A good MarCom professional is much more than a communicator. A MarCom professional is also a marketer and a strategist who knows how to evaluate how you’re communicating and plug the gaps that could be standing between how you’re speaking to the world now and how you could be doing so more effectively.

MarCom people are cross-functional hybrids that combine an interest in public relations and communications with the strategic input of marketers. They work on the non-digital side of marketing (what’s digital marketing? Think: PPC, SEO). They’re literary luminaries rather than spreadsheet-savvy formula-crushers. You can always hire both.

What Do Marketing Communications Consultants Do?

Consultants provide advice which is as large part of what providing outsourced marketing communications for clients entails.

If you want to build a very basic marketing team you can by with two essential people in place:

  • A marketing communications practitioner (ahem … look around)
  • A digital marketing person (we can recommend outsourcing partners)

A good MarCom person is going to be busy helping your business to succeed in today’s crowded media landscape. They may require a regular supply of caffeine pills. They might look disheveled and burn out just as quickly as Daniel once did. But these are the essential service providers to overcome static friction and get your marketing into gear.

What’s Your Specific Approach to MarCom?

Daniel has written extensively on his views about inbound marketing, thought leadership, and marketing communications.

Those that can be whittled down to a few key principles:

  • Daniel likes to do set marketing up for scalability and invest time and effort in kicking off channels that can yield long term result for the business (as measured primarily by inbound lead generation; or less easily by reputational gains and enhanced branding). Daniel doesn’t believe much in “growth hacking,” “gaming algorithms” or other attempts to try to manipulate artificial short term dividends. He always goes into an engagement with the idea that he’ll either stick with a client for the medium term (or longer) or lay the groundwork for them to manage MarCom themselves.
  • Daniel loves helping companies create quality thought leadership. He’s written previously about what that looks like and exactly why and how content marketing isn’t the “same thing.”
  • Daniel has a strong background in executing marketing strategies. But he believes that strategy is essential. At a minimum, Daniel appreciates the opportunity to review existing strategy documents and suggest improvements. To feel empowered to create the most impactful collateral possible, Daniel needs to feel a shared sense of ownership over the marketing initiative.

What Can Marketing Communications Consultants Do For Me / My Company?

The day-to-day worklife of marketing communications professionals is a busy one.

But they can (generally) be called upon to execute the following tasks:

  • Create marketing collateral including one-pagers and press releases to support sales efforts and brand awareness development
  • Execute upon the development of other essential marketing communications including email marketing newsletters, website copy, social media posts, and blog posts
  • Plan and execute the fundamental inbound marketing tactics: content marketing and thought leadership marketing
  • Implement technological solutions like marketing automation to help scale marketing; set up content management systems like WordPress and other tools
  • Lay the foundations for public relations (PR) efforts; lead PR efforts including reactive and proactive media relations; or work alongside PR specialists (such as agencies and solo practitioners) to create communications for PR purposes
  • Reputational management advice. We’re not talking about ORM here. But rather developing a deeper understanding of what kind of debates are taking place in your industry and how your target audience(s) are perceiving you. Do you know what your target audiences are saying about your brand in closed online spaces?
  • Competitor research focusing on evaluation of communications, messaging, positioning, and brand differentiation. Interviewing your current customers; your dissatisfied former customers; those who are just curious about the industry; and of course interviewing your team. Identifying those hidden nuggets that truly explain what makes what you do different. Then, out-communicating your competitors and driving the message to market.
  • Develop an overarching marketing strategy to support the communications and marketing strategies
  • Manage events and support sales and business development teams in pre-event activities
  • Manage or work alongside digital marketers including SEO and digital marketing practitioners as well as graphic designers, branding specialists, and other marketing resources

Daniel (‘Rosehill Marcom Consulting’) can help with all of the above activities. Although Daniel prefers to create retainer packages that focus on providing a fixed recurrent volume of deliverables per month. When you try to do everything, you usually end up doing nothing well. In marketing, but particularly in inbound marketing, assets tend to build off one another.

Marketing communications (MarCom) is a diverse role that can add a lot of value to marketing teams—particularly those in the early stages of scaling up. Reach out to see what Daniel could do for your company.

What Else Can You Do?

Daniel has a few more tricks up his sleeve:

  • Guerilla marketing
  • Enhanced competitor research

Alas, these are the kind of services best discussed over beer. But they pair well with some of the above activities.

Should I Hire A MarCom Consultant Or Outsource?

Marketing communications consultants can work hand-in-hand with in-house marketers—including other marketing communications professionals—in order to help achieve marketing and communications objectives.

Others prefer to retain MarCom resources on a monthly basis. I’ve provided both services to clients.

How Can Marketing Communications Add Value?

Contact Daniel for case studies and references.

But the process looks something like this:

  • When you communicate what’s unique and special about what you do effectively, you reach the people who might be interested in buying your product or service. Alternatively, you reach those who just like the sound of your mission.
  • When that happens. you attract leads and potential hires or just generally awesome people. You weave an orbit. People’s curiosity and natural thirst to find solutions for their problems does the rest of the work and brings them into your funnel.

Effective marketing communications can lay the essential framework necessary so that when your sales resources come knocking on doors—or they come to you—you can kick off a more mature conversation less focused on resolving objections and more focused on helping find a solution to your problems.

It’s easier to close up brass tacks with people who already think you’re great than it is to try convince another party to hire you. Think: accelerated sales that can add $100,000s to your revenue.

Effective MarCom can pay for itself and show a massively positive return on investment (ROI). Many times over.

Do You Offer Writing Support?

For more details on writing projects specifically, see this website.

These days, Daniel works with clients that want more substantial contributions that encompass at least a strategic planning element. To feel empowered and motivated to assist in the deepest possible way, Daniel likes to get under the hood of your current marketing approach.

Start a conversation today about a content marketing and thought leadership package that includes:

  • A competitor collateral audit
  • Key messaging development
  • Content marketing and thought leadership strategies including distribution plans and differentiators
  • Content marketing calendar development and execution

Do You Offer Content Marketing And Thought Leadership? Can We Use The Two Together?

Rosehill Marcom Consulting offers both and Daniel thinks that they are both enormously important and can be incredibly powerful when used together.

In fact, helping clients produce quality thought leadership, at the executive level, represents the majority of Daniel’s professional output for the past three years.

The caveat: to do thought leadership well, you need to understand the differences and adopt appropriate messaging and tone of voice that’s a bit different from content marketing.

Caveat two: you really do want to do thought leadership well because there’s evidence that if your thought leadership is a flop it will end up hurting your brand.

Want a more detailed run-down on what those differences are? Here’s Daniel’s explainer. Daniel loves to place thought leadership and media relations at the center of what I do.

How Do You Add Value? How Do You Quantify The Value You Deliver?

Daniel can add value by doing the above and working as hard as he can afford to to further the communications objectives of your business.

Daniel can quantify the value he will be bringing by telling whether he made a “good” or “great” impact this month and sending you over some spreadsheets with nicely colored pie charts.

Can You Help Us To Write Our Content?

Daniel sent himself the following: “Content is a stupid word. There. I said it. Now click away if you must.

I focus on creating communications that help to achieve specific objectives and which are intended to reach specific target personas and get them to do something like hearing about the business or moving down a marketing funnel.

Podcasts and videos and textual-based marketing materials are all very different forms of creative expression. By the way, I don’t do video.

TL:DR: I may be grouchy but I’m trying to make a point. I don’t believe in creating content for the sake of it. If you think so too, then perhaps we should talk. “

Can We Read Something That You’ve Written? Do You Have Writing Samples You Can Send On?

The majority of work that Daniel has undertaken over the 5 years has been freelancing work undertaken on behalf of clients. Ghostwriting has been a substantial part of that output. These samples can’t be shared publicly (and a few can’t be shared at all) in order to protect the confidentiality of the writing relationships (yes, really!). But reach out and Daniel will send a link to those that he can share (including book excerpts, white papers, blogs, articles, and more!)

Clearly, things that Daniel has written under his own byline can be sent.

Daniel has been published in Entrepreneur, Marketing Profs, Linux Magazine, Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post, Irish Central, The Irish Voice, among other websites and print publications. He also blogs extensively on and publishes a publication about marketing communications.


Content marketing vs. thought leadership:

The 4 Key Differences Between Thought Leadership and Content Marketing (Entrepreneur)

Content Marketing and Thought Leadership: What’s the Difference? (Marketing Profs)

Technical writing:

Rsync for website backup in a shared hosting environment (Linux Magazine)

Writing about marketing topics:

Marketing Communications Digest (Medium publication)

Should You Publish Your Blog On Your Site Or Elsewhere On The Internet? — for anybody interested in thinking about which content distribution channel to use.

Authenticity And Projecting Your Ideal Brand Image: They Don’t Have To Be Conflicting Objectives

Inbound Marketing —4 Reasons It Rocks For Small Businesses

Can You Offer References?

Yup. Drop Daniel a line.

Daniel always likes to put a bit of thought into what projects might explain the value he could bring to your team.

If you want writing samples, Daniel has lots of those too. But Daniel has to share most of them privately because they tend to be bylined to other people.

Can You Send Us A Proposal?

If we’ve spoken about and it appears that Daniel could add value to your team then he’d be happy to send a short proposal over.

However—because it’s not really the right way to do things—this won’t be the equivalent of free consulting and therefore suggestions might be a little oblique.

Daniel will include a statement of work (SoW) too because clarifying where the brass tacks lie really matters. This, in turn, can form the basis of a contract or monthly retainer agreement. If you really want to work with a boilerplate T&C, then check out this skeleton on Daniel’s writing site.

We’re Doing Something Super Shady And Can Only Refer To Our Founder As ‘X’ Until You Sign An NDA. Is This A Problem?

The NDA part at least should be fine.

I’ve worked with businesses that have sensitive IP to protect and various other reasons to be concerned about their privacy.

Some things I can do to help put you at east:

  • Sign an NDA
  • Sign a contract
  • Correspond only by PGP encrypted email
  • Wear a tinfoil hat while working on your projects (additional fees may apply)

Who Do You Work For?

Over the years Daniel has:

  • Interviewed contestants at an Irish dancing competition in upstate New York
  • Written about the pros and cons of various ways to microwave supermarket burgers for just about enough money to buy himself a burger

During more prosperous times Daniel has:

  • Written a white paper for a publicly listed FinTech provider explaining how and why low earth orbit (LEO) satellites are going to make it a lot easier to process payments on cruise ships (sadly there wasn’t a budget for field research and Daniel has not boarded a cruise ship to date; however, if you need to write a white paper about anything to do with cruise ships, field research will be a non-negotiable this time round).
  • Helped a political technology startup to run marketing communications and landed a series of broadcast media opportunities in advance of the GDPR’s implementation date
  • Created an internal knowledge hub built on Confluence for an international company with two subsidiaries
  • Helped a client to clarify their messaging resulting in measurable increases to their website engagement rate
  • Copywritten a website before fund raising.

Some specific clients are listed on Daniel’s writing website.

Daniel would also be happy to share any specific projects directly. Eventually, he’ll get round to adding case studies here.

Do You Have A Resume?


There’s this one.

I also have a nice designed PDF that I can send on.

LinkedIn might be more up to date than any document.

Are There Any Specific Technologies You Prefer To Work With? What Are Your Skills?

Daniel loves working remotely, particularly from his home office, and like most people, prefers certain tools over others.

It’s safe to assume that Daniel is at least passably competent in all of the following:

  • Operating system: Ubuntu Linux
  • Collaboration: Slack and any async communications tool (Loom, Yac, email, etc)
  • Project management: Anything that can assign tasks and log due dates
  • Content management system: WordPress, Git
  • Email marketing: Mailchimp
  • Marketing automation: Zapier, IFTTT

And because Daniel doesn’t like to oversell himself or tell people that he can do things that he can’t, here are the things he knows the basics about but would not consider himself an expert in or sell as services to clients:

  • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing

If you end up working with Daniel, you’ll probably want to outsource those or do them in-house.

How Long Do We Need To Commit To Marketing Communications To See If This Is Going To Work Out?

Inbound marketing is a mindset — or at least it requires one in order to be executed well. And creating effective inbound marketing programs is a big part of what marcom’s about.

If you don’t like the thought of that, then here’s another way of looking at it:

Think about elevating your marketing communications and working on content marketing and thought leadership as making deposits in an investment fund that will yield to maturity in six months to one year (sadly, this is a slightly overly optimistic number).

The ‘dividend’ payments might include:

  • Better brand recognition
  • Inbound leads
  • Easier sales processes

Just don’t pull the fund out before it’s matured.

By the way, this isn’t an attempt to string you along on promises of some far-off dream while tapping you for a monthly retainer. It’s just how Daniel knows this field works because he’s been involved in it for quite some time.

Speaking of contract terms, Daniel has a minimum monthly commitment period just because it doesn’t make much sense for him to take on one-time or ad-hoc projects as that tends to involve more administration effort than it becomes worth going through. But beyond that you can cancel with ten days’ notice.

Are You Trying To Swindle Me?!


Do You Have A Process For Working / A Preferred Workflow?

Head over to Daniel’s writing site to get a feel for what my typical workflow looks like, even though the information there is more applicable to writing projects than ongoing consulting work.

But let’s generalize:

  • Here’s Daniel’s professional user manual. The essential part of it is that he likes asynchronous communications and working in a somewhat orderly fashion. He’s spent many years working for startups who change plans five times a week. But he’s grown grumpy and haggard and can no longer work with such shenanigans.

Daniel has also sometimes had to draw attention to elephants lurking in the back corners of rooms. If there are elephants lurking around the room of your branding (okay, this wasn’t easy to roll with) then he’ll totally point that out —or at least what he thinks are elephants.

One more general point: Daniel believes that talking to customers is vital. As is listening to founders to get out the nuggets of information that might be the clues to resolving branding mismatches that are hurting your marketing. Finally, Daniel believes in going out into the ‘field’ from time to time which he takes to mean that place/world beyond the confines of his home office. You can’t effectively market a product that you’ve never seen or touched.

Who Is Daniel Rosehill (Of Rosehill Marcom Consulting)?

(Written in the third person because … you know)….

Daniel Rosehill is an experienced marketing communications (MarCom) practitioner who has managed and led marketing communications at three fast-growing technology startups.

Daniel’s diverse background also includes a degree in journalism, a tenure at a PR firm, and periods working as an accredited freelance journalist and writer.

Besides marketing, Daniel is very interested in technology (especially backups and open source) and has contributed writing to Linux Magazine, Marketing Profs, Entrepreneur, Medium (where he maintains an active blog), The Next Tech, among other generalist and trade publications.

He has also been interviewed by podcasts, radio outlets, and television stations and provided comment on marketing topics to publications including CMS Wire. Daniel is an advocate for remote work and asynchronous communications.

In addition to his in-house experience, Daniel has provided marketing communications support to a diverse pool of clients, marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs based throughout the world. These have ranged from publicly-listed FinTech companies to cybersecurity startups. His specialty is helping companies to roll out integrated thought leadership and public relations campaigns.

When he’s not busy protecting his cloud data from almost impossibly unlikely catastrophic data loss scenarios (or working), he can be found enjoying beer, engaging in creative pursuits, and recording the odd video for his extremely limited YouTube following.

Daniel was named as one of the Top Cybersecurity Writers To Watch (Cybercrime Magazine) and listed among the 50 B2B Writers To Hire ( So now you know that he’s totally legit.